black dog canine massage

Sarah Zinger

Nationally Certified Canine Massage Therapist

Serving the Quad Cities, Iowa city and beyond!



  • Certified in Advanced Canine Massage through Chicago School of Canine Massage

  • Board Certified NBCAAM

  • Certified INSTRUCTOR Pet Tech CPR/First Aid

  • Certified Manual Ligament therapy practitioner through nwsam

  • Insured for canine massage through BBI

Black Dog Canine Massage was born in my soul over a decade ago with the adoption of my first dog as an independent adult. Kenai was an over sized bumbling silky black "lab" who had been returned to the shelter in his small seaside town three times in his first year of life. He was aggressively terrified of solitude, feared by pedestrians, too smart to be tricked into compliance, and about 100 pounds too strong to walk on a leash...and I loved him. As I matured and he grew I realized that neither of us was as independent as we liked to think, rather we were both completely reliant on each others unconditional love and commitment to serve. I know that the key to overcoming so many obstacles be it his over excitability to common triggers, extreme lead pulling,  panic attacks, fear based aggressive behavior and separation depression was TOUCH. I learned to clear a quiet space in my frantic energy just to communicate with him and he listened and learned and returned that energy - that love and respect every day. MASSAGE is defined as TOUCH WITH INTENT and I am so happy to be in the position I am now that I get to share my learned healing power with other amazing companion animals and their people every day.